10 buoni motivi per diventare un rivenditore Pin Up Gioielli

10 good reasons to become a PIN-UP Jewelry Reseller!

Let's work together!

PIN-UP Gioielli designs and manufactures items in aluminum, resin and magnet chains with a strictly artisanal procedure.
All PIN-UP Gioielli creations are unique pieces characterized by careful production and a rigorous selection of the materials used, attention to detail and the use of non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials in compliance with European regulations.

These are real sculpture bijoux that make every woman, every outfit and every style unique and particular.

In this article I will tell you why NOT to become a PIN-UP Jewelry retailer and why you could consider the possibility instead.

Why NOT become a PIN-UP Jewelery retailer?

# 1

You want to continue to offer a generalized service to your customers, offering creations made in series and all the same


You do not want to retain your customers by offering a service of care, attention and personalization taking into account their tastes, their style and their needs

# 3

You want to adapt to the crowd and satisfy market demands

# 4

You don't want to differentiate yourself from your fellow competitors

Why become a PIN-UP Jewelery retailer?

# 1

Extensive catalog at your disposal


Advantageous conditions and prices reserved for you

# 3

Handcrafted product, but of quality and with particular attention to detail with reduced production times

# 4

Possibility to expand your commercial offer

# 5

Customization service of the Corner that you want to make available (pop and exhibitors)

# 6

Periodic meetings in the store for updates, sales support, always guaranteeing the exclusivity of the creations

# 7

Sharing on the website within the homepage, "Pin-Up Jewels in the World" section

# 8

Sharing on Facebook and Instagram social channels

# 9

Exclusivity of area in geographical area of sale not in competition with our other resellers

# 10

Possibility of organizing an event in your store

If you like the idea of promoting handcrafted and totally made in Italy creations by offering your customers unique accessories and jewels that are real pieces of art, then you are in the right place!

PIN-UP Gioielli 's philosophy is to create women's accessories that make every woman feel pampered, unique and special.

If you want to collaborate with us and be part of this ambitious project, send your request !

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