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How to wear long necklaces

How to wear long necklaces? Here are 4 examples for you!

If the clothing follows the seasons, the jewels, on the other hand, can be used all year round.

For every outfit there is the right necklace to choose based on the effect you want to achieve, the neckline of the garments worn, the hairstyle, the presence of other jewels. Today we will focus on a particular type of necklace: the long ones, the most versatile, which can be combined in many different ways to obtain always new looks.

In particular, today I reveal four fashion ways to wear a long necklace by Pin-Up Gioielli!

How to choose and combine long necklaces

Necklaces are important jewels , to be combined with discretion and to be worn taking into account the details and the combination with earrings , rings and bracelets .

The type of necklaces to wear varies according to the length, the material and the aesthetic balance that the accessory must guarantee and which is based on the neck line, face lines and body size.

Bijoux and accessories must enhance the physical qualities of a person and must not emphasize defects. The necklaces must be chosen according to the type of face: round, square, elongated, rectangular and so on.

A round face looks for long necklaces that go down the neckline, because they harmonize the geometries, on the contrary, a long face needs round and short necklaces.

Another element to consider when purchasing a necklace is the neck : a long thin neck, called a swan neck, can wear any type of necklace. A thicker, shorter neck avoids thin chokers and necklaces, look for long chain or pendant necklaces.

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But first a little ABC ..

What are the lengths of the necklaces?

To understand what is the perfect length of a necklace to match your face and the type of neck, you need to know the sizes of the necklaces.

The sizes of the European necklaces are different, they can be of 5 lengths:

Crewneck : 38 to 42 centimeters long.

Princess necklace: length from 43 to 50 centimeters (up to the collarbone). An example is the star necklace.

Matinee necklace (day necklace): 50cm length.

Sautoir necklace : length from 55 to 60 centimeters (covering the neckline).

The length of the necklaces must also be adapted to the height and build, for example, very long necklaces are not suitable for those with a small physique.

Thin necklaces, on the other hand, are not suitable for those with a robust physique.

Those with very pronounced shapes can wear necklaces that arrive between the collarbone and the décolleté, or of intermediate length.

How to match a necklace to your outfit

Necklaces and dresses must be matched following the criteria of sobriety and balance .
When you wear an elaborate outfit you need to choose a sober and simple necklace, vice versa, when the look is simple you need to wear a showy and character necklace.

Elegant attire looks for pearl necklaces or a pendant necklace of precious stones such as sapphires and rubies. During events such as official occasions, it is advisable to wear short necklaces paired with a high-necked dress.
During ceremonies, when wearing strapless dresses, it is a must to wear a necklace that fills the neckline or a showy choker.

A dolce vita looks for long necklaces, such as long chain or pendant necklaces. Conversely, round-necked sweaters look for short necklaces.
Pendant necklaces sticking out of shirts are still accepted, as long as the shirt is with a collar.

Be careful not to mix too many materials and colors when wearing complete accessories such as: necklace, bracelets, watch and earrings.

If you are interested in learning how to create layers of harmonic and effect necklaces you can download the free layering guide for necklaces here !

How to wear Pin-Up Gioielli long necklaces!

But now let's see how to wear the long necklaces from the ROCKABILLY collection by Pin-Up Jewels!


One of the ways I prefer to wear my long necklaces is twisted several times around the neck and leave only a small portion just more hanging. In this way I can wear it on any type of neckline and being very thin it helps me to create a voluminous optical effect.


For the same reason as point # 1, when I wear a blazer, trench coat or an austere and dark outfit I like to wear it by creating a double loop around the neck and leaving a long hanging portion. In this way the necklace helps me to shift the focus to the accessory and give light to the whole look!

# 3. LONG

When instead I want to free the rock and frivolous soul that is in me then I choose to show off my diamond chain necklace in all its length .. or almost!

# 4. A TIE

A more extravagant way to wear my Rockabilly necklace is definitely "tie". Thanks to the special carabiner, you just need to create as many loops around the neck as you like and adjust the length of the part you decide to let hang.

So what are you waiting for? These are just a few suggestions: with your imagination you can customize your style and your looks! And if you want to learn how to create perfect necklace layering you can s upload the free guide here!

Let me know what you think!

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