Gioielli Calamita: 5 curiosità che non conosci sui gioielli calamita di pin up gioielli

5 curiosities that (perhaps) you don't know about Pin Up Gioielli's Magnet Jewellery

Jewelery that adapts to your mood, that breaks gender conventions: with Calamita Jewelery by Pin Up Gioielli you can explore your creative side and compose and personalize your style. Eclectic jewels for daring souls: today I'll reveal 5 curiosities that (perhaps) you don't know about Calamita Jewels!

Pin Up Gioielli's Calamita® Jewels are an intriguing option for lovers of fashion and design. These modular and adaptable jewels offer a variety of creative possibilities to express your unique style.

#1. Calamita Jewels are handmade

Pin Up Gioielli , the brand that invented and produces these handcrafted jewels, stands out for its attention to detail and the quality of the materials used. Each piece is handcrafted with care and dedication, ensuring a high quality final product.

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#2. Magnet Jewels are versatile

What makes Pin Up Gioielli's Calamita® Jewels so special is their versatility . Thanks to the magnetic clamping system, it is possible to compose the different elements to create infinite combinations of personalized jewellery. This feature makes them perfect for those who like to experiment and play with their look.

3# Calamita Jewels are genderfluid

Another interesting feature of these jewels is their genderfluid nature. They are designed to be worn by people of any gender, breaking traditional gender conventions in jewellery. This makes them an ideal choice for those looking for inclusive and expressive jewelry.

#4. Calamita Jewels are eco-sustainable

In addition to their captivating aesthetics, Pin Up Gioielli's Calamita® Jewels are also eco-sustainable . The brand is committed to using recycled and sustainable materials in the production of its jewellery, thus contributing to reducing its environmental impact.

#5. Calamita jewels are modular

Thanks to the patented magnetic tightening mechanism, ring bases, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches and hair clips can be customized with the appropriate Magnet Claps in 3 simple steps :

compose your magnet jewel in 3 steps

In conclusion, Pin Up Gioielli's Calamita® Jewels are a fascinating option for those looking for versatile, genderfluid and eco-sustainable jewellery. Their modular and adaptable nature offers endless creative possibilities to express your personal style.

Did you know these 5 curiosities about Calamita Jewellery? Take a look at the Online Shop to create and compose your magnetic look!

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