8 motivi per scegliere un gioiello Pin-Up Gioielli

8 reasons to choose a Pin-Up Jewelry creation!

Why choose a PIN-UP handcrafted jewel Jewelery: word to the customers!

In a historical moment that is rediscovering the value of " handmade " and the number of artisans is exploding thanks to the ease of being present online through social networks, the blog and the website, I decided to stop and reflect on "why" choose and buy one of my creations .

First of all, why choose to buy an artisanal bijoux instead of a mass-produced one?

Usually those who are interested in the artisan market are someone who loves the concept of " original piece " or " unique piece " and who likes the idea of ​​having something that "was made by hand", opposing the industrial chain that makes and sells pieces in series.

An artisanal product is made by an artisan , a creative professional who transforms materials into artifacts, creating a unique product of its kind and therefore special.

The craftsman is a real artist. The qualities of the person are transfused into the product they make. In fact, buying an artisan piece is making your own an object that carries within it a piece of the soul of the person who made it.

So why choose handmade quality?

# 1. It is unique, original, exclusive

Each creation handmade and as such is different from the other. No two handmade objects are alike even if it is reproducible and this makes each object a special gift. You can be sure that no one will have given an item like yours as a gift.

#2. It is handcrafted from start to finish

From the conception, to the design, to the creation, up to the packaging and shipping, everything in each handmade object is handmade.

# 3. It is made by a person who loves what he does

Buying a handmade object gives you the opportunity to get to know the person who made it and it is a very important thing. You can write him an email, talk to him on the phone or even meet him and speak directly with the person who created the item you bought, customize the creation.

# 4. It's a clear message if you give it away

When you give someone a handmade item, you are telling that person that they deserve something unique and special. You are not giving it just any piece of plastic, but all the love, the attention, the craftsmanship that that object breathed as it was created.

# 5. It can be customized

Buying a handcrafted object and being able to communicate directly with the professional craftsman gives you the possibility to request a personalization of the object to give as a gift. This doesn't happen if you buy mass-produced things. I'm not talking about engraving phrases or words or choosing one color over another. The customization of a single piece involves the complete realization, starting from the design and the idea.

# 6. It is respect for the environment

Not always, but often to create a handmade object, recycled materials are used. Often waste materials are used or objects are put back into circulation that would otherwise be thrown away. The handmade creation as such limits the use of machinery and chemicals and reduces the production of waste.

# 7. It is positive energy

Since the craftsman loves each of the objects he makes, because in addition to the fatigue of his hands he also puts his whole soul into it, a handmade gift brings with it a little of that positive energy that it inevitably contains. And perhaps this is the thing that most of all we would like to give as a gift to the people we love.

Each object created carries with it a story that is a mix of many elements: starting from what inspired the artist, to move on to the choice of the material used, from the difficulties encountered in creating it to the joys experienced at its end, everything contributes to creating a story around that creation.

# 8. It's weird and funny

A creative is committed more than anyone else to ensure that what he produces is original, particular, fun. He loves experimenting with new and different things: he combines new shapes and colors, uses unusual materials, all for pure fun. This makes the difference!

Why buy an artisanal bijoux by PIN-UP Gioielli?

What I instill in the bijoux I make is something that I try to tell and show in every possible way. However, the “why buy my bijoux” is something that only people who have bought one of my creations can tell.

I asked some of them to tell me about their "experience" and what they said really surprised me. Read on!

vortex ring of chains by Pin-Up jewelry

“I met Claudia and Pin-Up Gioielli through her Instagram page. I was fascinated by the colors and brightness of her creations and her smile.

I followed her with great curiosity for a few months, observing how in a few months she managed to modify and define a style that then met and married my taste: a rock style, decisive but romantic and elegant at the same time.

His creations are not conventional. Everything comes out of the classic patterns of traditional bijoux.

It is the originality of her bijoux that prompted me to entrust myself to her.

I wanted to own a jewel that would represent me, that would enhance me and with which I felt myself: something unique that no other woman could have equal.

In the beginning I bought the Rockabilly ring in large chain and then I went further, commissioning pieces made to measure for me.

Claudia was able to interpret my desires taking into account my personality, my needs but also my physicality.

Each bijoux he creates is based on the moods of the woman and is expressed through the chains of different types, colors and lengths and through the resin beads handcrafted and with unique and spectacular effects.

Eleonora B. - Milan

CLAP-CLAP Bijoux Magnet base necklace

“My name is Monica and I discovered Pin-Up Gioielli by searching on google for customizable earrings.

I was immediately attracted by the link that led back to Claudia's site for a type of bijoux I had never heard of: magnet bijoux.

I got curious, I entered his site and read his blog: I fell in love with this unique idea!

I started following her on Instagram, I wrote her to ask for more clarification and Claudia gave me all the info and advice I needed.

I bought the Clap base ring , the Clap base necklace , the swarovski clap and the small clap with the heart : with 4 pieces I can wear 6 different combinations! In fact, the ring and the basic necklace are beautiful even without a clap!

Claudia was available in helping me to choose bijoux that would enhance me and that could satisfy my professional needs too: she managed to select and suggest exactly what I like and gradually managed to convince me to try the transformist line in the variant suitable for my needs. "

Monica R. - Reggio Emilia

Knowing and understanding the customer, observing, creating and suggesting the jewel or accessory suited to the personality and needs of the person in front of me, offering a unique and special creation: this is my approach.

I chose these 2 testimonies among many because they are recent and Eleonora and Alessia are of very distant age groups.

If you also love handcrafted creations and want to experiment with new styles and new techniques, stop on the site , contact me or browse the Instagram page: you can read other testimonials and see what I offer. And if you want to understand how you can make a jewel just for you ask me for an appointment : you will have all my attention to create a jewel that makes you feel unique and special!


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