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Statement Ring: Rings that are eye-catching

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Literally “ statement ” means declaration , affirmation , and in fact the “statement” rings do just that: they show a style, they affirm something in a decisive way. 

Since ancient times, man has used jewels to express and declare belonging to a social class, one's religion or cultural identity. And today, more than ever, jewels have become real protagonists in making original and personal a style that alone could be anonymous.

But what characterizes a statement jewel?

A statement piece of jewelry stands out and defines an entire look, style or outfit. Statement jewelry is about you and therefore must reflect your personality!

A statement piece can be a sculpture ring, a witty brooch, a pair of extravagant earrings, a necklace with a focus point pendant: in practice, any accessory that helps to give a clear and defined connotation by strengthening our look is considered a statement piece . our image and what we want to communicate.

Statement pieces are also accessories considered "a good investment" because they survive all fashions.

Statement rings

A bit like the cocktail ring, this jewel generally has an important size, a neat design and is very eye-catching. Wearing a statement ring a woman decides to break the mold and stand out boldly. 

Pin-Up Gioielli has made "statement" jewels its characterizingelement : emancipation, identity, memory and values are expressed through statement accessories that are flashy but at the same time fluffy and very light to wear. They are designed for special occasions and not to go unnoticed but with style and elegance.

Choosing a ring to give, or to treat yourself, is a real experience. There are many meanings and memories that the ring can transmit thanks to its precious presence that accompanies in everyday life, giving a pinch of brightness and enriching any look.

In this article I told you about statement rings but remember that any experience with any jewel is first of all personal.

Essential or sophisticated, classic or unconventional: each PIN-UP Gioielli ring is unique, not only because it is handmade and with passion, but above all because the one who chooses it is always unique!

If you are interested in learning more about the topic and understanding how to choose and match statement rings and not just based on the shape of your hand, download the free guide I have prepared for you!

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