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Black Friday 2022: guide to purchasing your jewelery and accessories

How to take advantage of Black Friday to buy jewelry and fashion accessories? I'll explain it to you in the blog!

Many people wait for Black Friday week to make purchases at extremely discounted prices and to grab the best offers offered on the web, but then when they arrive before the date, they don't know how to make the most of it.

We therefore often wonder how and when to take advantage of Black Friday to purchase quality jewelery and fashion accessories at truly affordable prices. In this article I have collected some small suggestions, but first I think it is interesting to know some curiosities about where and how the Black Friday tradition was born.


The literal translation of Black Friday is " Black Friday ", born in the United States and celebrated on the last Friday of November , the one immediately after American Thanksgiving.

According to tradition, it is precisely this day that kicks off the real Christmas shopping , taking advantage of truly advantageous offers and discounts , which are often the highest of the whole year. In more modern times, Cyber ​​Monday has been added to Black Friday , the following Monday, during which the offers are dedicated more to technological products . Today, however, both the times and the types of products on offer have greatly expanded, encompassing any product category.

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To make the most of your online shopping opportunities, I want to give you some little advice to take advantage of Black Friday regarding our jewelery and accessories.

The two main questions to ask are what to buy and , subsequently, when . The Black Friday period in fact lasts a week (Black Friday Week) and discounts and offers increase as we get closer to Black Friday Day.

To answer the first question, i.e. which jewels to buy on Black Friday, you will have to think carefully and note down future important occasions involving people dear to you.

Any anniversaries or birthdays coming up? Special requests for Christmas gifts? But in addition to the most imminent events , try to go further and think about occasions that are even quite distant but still important and therefore require a truly special gift. For example, if your daughter or girlfriend graduates next year, why not take advantage of it now by purchasing a gift that will leave her speechless and which, at the same time, will be a real deal for you?

In short, what I recommend you do is a real list of people, events and the jewel or accessory you would like to give them.

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And now we come to the second question: when is it best to buy the jewels on offer for Black Friday ?

I'll give you some good news: you don't have to wait until the last Friday of the month! In fact , Black Friday arrives early in our online store : right now you can sign up to the waiting list to receive discounts, offers and promotions on many selected items in advance. Searching for what you need for your valuable gifts is very simple, just enter the page dedicated to Black Friday offers, sign up to the waiting list and wait for our email in your inbox.

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And if you want to know how to take advantage of Black Friday to buy the jewels you prefer without making any mistakes, here's one last piece of advice to avoid the risk of being disappointed: don't wait too long ! Given the enormous demand during this particular period of the year, it may happen that a jewel that until yesterday was available is no longer available today. Therefore, if you have found what you were looking for at a truly advantageous price, don't think too much, buy it now to make the one you love happy by taking advantage of the best offers of the year.

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