Gioielli Calamita: componi e crea il tuo gioiello magnetico personalizzato con Pin Up Gioielli

How to express your style through accessories: CLAP-CLAP® Jewelery Magnet by Pin-Up Jewelery!

Magnet jewelry to compose and create your personalized magnetic jewel!

Synonymous with extraordinary creativity and color, CLAP-CLAP ® is a Mix & Match collection that was born thanks to an original intuition of its kind, trendy and modern.

One of the most common moods in us women is the desire to feel different every day. We like to change clothes, bags, shoes and accessories and invent new combinations every day.

To do this we would need a wallet worthy of Rockefeller .. or not!? !!?

Here is the designer's intuition Claudia D , founder of the PIN-UP Gioielli brand: magnetic bijoux that come together, blend and combine to become what you want!

CLAP-CLAP® Bijoux Calamita jewels are a kaleidoscope of swarovsky shapes, chains and inserts that offer unlimited styling options to always be fashionable and to satisfy the most extravagant, elegant and lively tastes of every woman. In short, they offer endless mix & match opportunities to make your outfits and your style always sparkling and different.

To wear a CLAP-CLAP® bijoux only your imagination is needed: combine the bases and the drops together, through the combinations of different shapes and colors.

You can use all the pieces of the CLAP-CLAP ® Bijoux Calamita line and combine them as you prefer, thus creating a bijoux or an accessory with a unique and exclusive design to express your personality and make your look unrepeatable and totally personal!

Yes, ok..but how?


With the CLAP-CLAP® Bijoux Calamita magnetic bijoux, the watchword is… overdo it! Match them, overlap them, put all the ones you want. The more, the better.


Unique pieces with a great personality. Wear them alone or collect them and combine them as you like. I create the base that can also be worn alone and you add your creativity by adding all the magnetic parts you prefer!


Just clip them into a CLIP-CLAP and voila, that's it. Add one, two or three to the magnetic bases. Create a new wonder. You, you are the protagonist!

If you want to create your own exclusive jewel, click here !

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