Diventa un Brand Ambassador: Affiliation program di Pin-Up Gioielli

Become a PIN UP Jewelery Brand Ambassador!

Are you a bijoux lover, a blogger, micro or macro influencer or a customer in love with PIN-UP Jewelery creations?

PIN-UP Jewelry

offers you the opportunity to become a PIN-UP Jewels Brand Ambassador by offering you interesting benefits!

Sharing your passion for bijoux

PIN-UP Jewelry

you can become a testimonial of the brand, reserve exclusive benefits for you, your friends, your followers, get a preview of the new collections, take advantage of discounts and gifts.

Above all you will be rewarded: the more you share, the more you earn!


As a PIN-UP Jewels Ambassador you will enjoy exclusive discounts and receive a 10% commission on every purchase made with your personalized affiliation link.
We will also give you a 50% discount coupon that can be spent on the entire catalog and can be reused!


  • Do you like PIN-UP Jewels creations and would you like to share your passions with friends, relatives and followers?
  • Do you love to get involved and would you like to take advantage of new professional opportunities?
  • Are you looking for your independence and would like to try a job without earning and working time limits?
  • Are you an influencer and do you think that creations by PIN-UP Jewels can represent an excellent earning opportunity?

If you answered YES to just one of these questions, then the PIN-UP Jewelry Ambassador Program is the one for you!



Through your Reserved Area you can check and consult in real time the clicks and sales generated by your affiliate links. You can set or change the method of crediting your commission by choosing PayPal or bank transfer.


Who is a PIN-UP Jewelery Ambassador?
Quite simply, he is an enthusiastic person who wants to share (online and offline) the values ​​and the PIN-UP Gioielli style with his friends, family and followers. And for this we want to thank you by offering you a 10% commission on every purchase that will be made using your personalized Ambassador link code.
Who can become a PIN-UP Jewelery Ambassador?

The Nuvola Ambassador program is open to all adults who want to have fun and take an extra opportunity to earn simply by sharing what they love with their friends, family and followers. Because with the Ambassador Program, the more you share, the more you earn!

How can I join the Program?

To register, simply fill out the registration form , enter the methods with which you prefer to receive commission credit and start sharing your affiliate links!

What do i get by becoming a PIN-UP Jewels Ambassador?

By becoming a PIN-UP Jewels Brand Ambassador you can earn a 10% commission on every purchase made by friends, family and followers through your personalized affiliate link. You can also take advantage of an unlimited 50% discount on the entire catalog even for repeated purchases. Always free shipping.

How can I know who is buying using my affiliate link and keep track of the sales generated by my shares?

As a PIN-UP Jewels Brand Ambassador, you will have access to a Reserved Area where you can keep track of all the orders combined with your personalized Ambassador discount code and obviously know how much commissions you are due in real time.

How are commissions paid?

Within the Reserved Area, you will find an area dedicated to payments where you can indicate the Paypal account or the bank IBAN where you will receive the credit.

I have other questions for which I have not found an answer. Who should I contact?

For any further questions you can send an email to info@pinupgioielliofficial.com and we will be happy to answer you.

If you want to register for free in the program and immediately become a PIN-UP Ambassador, click here!


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