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Woman with balls? No thank you! I'm I'm a #woman withlebubbles!

Did you happen to be called a "woman with balls" too? Maybe from a woman who out of admiration (or envy) sees in you a strong and courageous person, of value, with character, competence and determination. Nothing negative then. Do you find it offensive that male attributes are used to indicate a woman with the positive characteristics just mentioned? Yet this is also said of men ..

Women with Bubbles the new collection of Pin-Up Jewels: jewels like bubbles

During the first lockdown due to Covid in the spring of 2020 I rediscovered a great pleasure: reading. 

A dear psychologist friend suggested me a "light" book that is not light, perhaps because she perceived that at that moment I needed to make certain reflections. 

The book is " The Princess Who Believed in Fairy Tales " by Marcia Grad Powers and I recommend it to everyone.

Book The Princess Who Believed in Fairy Tales, Marcia Grad Powers, Amazon

After reading this "fairy tale" I started to focus on my whole way of being, of approaching life, of living and facing everyday life "as a woman". 

The phrase that I have heard most often since I was a child, even from my mother, is “ you have balls! ". A phrase that has always bothered me but I have never been able to understand why. 

One of the great myths of our society is that the "woman with the balls " is the woman "who makes it" . Women with balls are women who have learned to rely on their masculine side and to measure themselves daily with the things of life with a typically "man" approach. 

I started asking myself as a woman, mother, partner and entrepreneur about what the expression "woman with balls" really means and above all if it belongs to me or if I want it to belong to me.  

Wonder Woman, women with balls

Why the expression "Woman with balls"?

Let's start from the beginning, or the big question: why saying that a woman "has balls" can be irritating (as well as very very very sexist)?
Well, first of all using this expression you associate a purely masculine attribute (never a word was used in a better context) to a woman. And so far we are all in agreement. What is extremely sexist is the fact that to describe a positive trait of a woman you have to resort to the comparison with the man: he naturally has the balls, without excessive effort in short. So if you, a woman, are one who bumps and does not break down, in short, then you are "like" a man, you are so strong that you can be lucky enough to be compared to a man.
Here, I do not know about you but I do not feel this reflection absolutely close and me.


But who is a woman "with balls"?

The second question I asked myself was: who is a woman "with balls" then? Well, it could be a woman who despite a thousand difficulties still manages to smile, or one who has reached an excellent working and economic position thanks to her skills, tenacity, passion and determination. It could be a woman who raises a child alone while also managing to work and establish herself professionally or who on the contrary decides to devote herself completely to the family for the love of her loved ones and her values. We could go on for hours with other examples. 

These women are defined by society as strong, courageous, determined, etc. Why then should we define them "with balls"? Why should everything be brought back to the male sphere? A woman who can be defined simply as "strong" does not convey the idea enough? Does it have to be strong "like a man"? I don't know what you think, but I don't particularly agree.  

On the contrary, would it make sense to say of a particularly sensitive man "that's a man with a vagina"? No. Because not all men are stronger than women and not all women are more sensitive than men.  

In my experience I unfortunately believe that " women with balls" are actually women who suffer a lot and maybe they don't even know it. They are women who have given up a part of themselves and proceed in life almost "limping". This limp costs them twice as much effort in advancing, in affirming themselves and more simply in living .. as well as a profound general misalignment (of which, alas, the menstrual cycle is often a brilliant indicator!).  

Silvia Ziche, Lucrezia

(Silvia Ziche, Lucrezia)

My ideal woman must above all be AWARE.

# 1 A conscious woman grows and lives in a context of listening , trust and tolerance . He learns to be rather than to do and what he does he does for himself, for his pleasure and not to please others. This protects her from becoming dry and selfish and by learning to satisfy herself she will be able to listen and help others meet her own needs and desires. On the contrary, a woman with balls grows and develops in a context of need ("I have to manage alone", "I have to do it alone", "I have to succeed", "I have to prove that"). She is a woman who often goes for others to affirm herself.  

# 2 A conscious woman is a woman who chooses to sit in the center, on her throne and is not afraid of being taken away from her chair, a role, a position, an assignment, a friend, a partner. A woman with balls is a woman who struggles for what she has and lives in fear of losing what she has gained.  

# 3 A conscious woman is a woman who knows herself deeply and moves in accordance with her nature effortlessly. She is a woman who embraces her limits , knows them, lives them like any other part of herself and through awareness and acceptance she can overcome them.  

A woman with balls is a woman who has made effort her daily bread and often a source of pride: the more effort there is, the more valuable what she gets. She is a woman who does not accept having limits and believes she can overcome everything with willpower and commitment. It will certainly achieve the desired results but… at what price?  


# 4 A conscious woman knows how to use her feminine and masculine in a balanced way.  A woman with balls ignores her feminine (it doesn't matter if she's wearing tight dresses and heels) and abuses her masculine.  

# 5 A conscious woman loves men, knows them, and respects them. On the contrary, a woman with balls often does not love men and has conflicting relationships: if she meets a strong male she enters into competition or abandons herself completely happy and helpful; if she meets a weak male she can afford to command and then feel that she can never let go because if she does not make decisions or initiatives, there is no one who does.  In short, a conscious woman in a relationship loves while a woman with balls in a relationship dreams, projects expectations, desires, hopes, plans, sometimes manipulates.  


# 6 A conscious woman " lives ." A woman with balls gets exhausted from always being in control.  


# 7 A conscious woman loves other women, supports them, encourages them , respects them. A woman with balls fears them, envies them, criticizes them, judges them.  

# 8 A conscious woman cries , laughs , renews herself every day. A woman with balls "holds on", withstands the inclement weather of life, breaks but does not bend in the belief that she cannot afford any failure.  

# 9 In summary, a conscious woman " is ", a woman with balls "does".

It was precisely by making these reflections in the last two years that I slowly matured the need and desire to find the right symbol for this great transformation and awareness and to create a collection that represented these values: this is how the " Bubbles " collection was born, that is #womenwithlebubbles


Meet "Bubbles"!

Mark Twain wrote: "A soap bubble is the most beautiful, and the most elegant, thing there is in nature." So why not wear it?

bubbles earrings by pin up jewels

The bubble, a symbol of perfection and lightness

Spheres of resin with glass effect perfect in their shapes but at the same time "imperfect" because being handcrafted they are each different from the other: imperfection is the element that makes every being perfect!

Fragile in their hardness because glass is like this: resistant and strong because it is made of resin.

Transparent but inaccessible : through the transparent resin you can "see" but you cannot touch, you cannot go all the way to the soul, unless you are allowed to.

Light and impalpable , the bubbles float free in the air, reflecting lights and colors, giving a rainbow of emotions.

Here, with this collection I want to pay tribute to all conscious women but above all to all women with balls who have not yet achieved self-awareness.

BUBBLES are waiting for you to wear!

Let's help and support each other to erase the cliché of the woman with the balls.
Visit the shop and give yourself a "Bubbles" creation:
become a #woman withlebubbles too!


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