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Calamita Jewellery: the touch of class that makes the difference

Pin Up Gioielli's Calamita® Jewels represent the essence of uniqueness: a magical touch that infuses elegance and originality into your style and charm, enhancing your personality. Let's discover together the uniqueness of Calamita Jewels and let them inspire your creativity! 

Pin Up Gioielli 's Calamita® Jewels are the perfect choice for those who want to wear jewels and accessories with a unique and original design.

The Calamita® Jewelry collection designed, conceived and patented by PIN UP Gioielli, offers a wide range of options, including necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, which can be easily customized and combined to create a unique style.

Pin Up Gioielli: the brand

With our modular jewellery, you can create your ideal summer look, choosing from a variety of colors and high-quality materials.

What makes Calamita® Jewels special is the attention to detail and the craftsmanship with which they are made. Each piece is created by hand by the designer and creator of the brand, Claudia De Rosa , thus guaranteeing a superior quality product.

Furthermore, Pin Up Gioielli's Calamita® Jewels stand out for their genderfluid approach. Our collection is designed for everyone, without gender distinctions, thus offering the possibility of expressing one's individuality through jewellery.

By choosing Calamita® Jewels from Pin Up Gioielli, you will have the certainty of wearing a unique and original piece, which will allow you to stand out from others and express your personality in an authentic way.

Express your creativity and make your style unique: Shop the Calamita® Jewelry collection online !

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