Quali gioielli e bijoux mettere in valigia: mini guida sui gioielli da indossare in vacanza al mare, montagna, lago, città

Jewelery on vacation: what to pack

Period of holidays and escapes from the city. Among suitcases overflowing with "you never know" and clutches of creams and cosmetics, we certainly cannot leave out the accessories. In this short guide, I suggest which jewels to take with you on holiday based on your destination: every holiday has its own jewel!

Resin bangles bracelets and rockabilly pin up style chains by Pin-Up Gioielli

August for many people means a period of holidays and escape from the city: sunbathing, pampering and relaxation, adventures on the road. In short, the time for vacation has finally arrived. But what to pack to go reading without sacrificing style?

Every time we have to leave we find ourselves dealing with the complicated art of packing . Perpetually poised between the desire to carry only "the essential" and fill the suitcase of "you never know".

To help you I thought of giving you some tips that will allow you to start light and save space without sacrificing style.

Rockabilly statement ring in curb chain

Leave with your "uniform jewels"

What are "divided jewels"? Sets of rings and earrings, layering of necklaces and bracelets: whatever they may be, the “divided jewels ” are the ones you almost always wear, with which you feel at ease in any daily situation. Your basic pieces of the moment to put on the fly and without thinking too much. Those that almost never remain in the jewelry box. Here, don't put them in your holiday jewelry box, just wear them while you travel.

Instead, keep a compartment of your jewelry box for special occasion jewelry : evenings, aperitifs, sparkling moments. Choose them based on the type and style of event that awaits you. Here are some ideas:

magnetic magnet jewelry to create infinite mixes and matches

Focus on "mix and match" jewelry

Some jewels are real strategic pieces to change outfits without weighing down the suitcase.

One of the characteristics of our brand is the mix and match : all Pin-Up Gioielli creations can be composed and combined offering the opportunity to create and customize your outfit and your style. Here are some suggestions:

  • Magnet jewels, magnetic jewels to combine and compose together to create your own personalized jewel: more jewels in one!

  • Layering ROCKABIILY with many basic necklaces of different colors, sizes and materials .

resin cuff bangles and chains

Beach holiday: which jewels to bring to the beach but pay attention to the material

For the classic holiday between beaches and romantic bays, it is better to choose carefully the bijoux to take with you. On the beach, green light for water-friendly accessories, such as resin jewels.

In the evening, on the other hand, for a walk along the seafront or a romantic dinner, we can show off the jewels you love the most: gold or bronze chains with a diamond effect, crystals and pearls to highlight your tan.

mountain holidays: adjustable rockabilly ring in bronze color chain vortex

Holidays in the mountains

If you have chosen a holiday in the mountains among a lot of greenery, freshness and clean air, long walks and sporting activities, then it is better to focus on simplicity and practicality. So YES to rings, earrings, bracelets and statement necklaces to be worn even over a light jacket, or subtle and essential bijoux.

Here are some examples:

Each jewel has its own event

In summary, it is always good to reflect on the holiday that awaits us before leaving. If we are planning dinners, special events and unforgettable evenings, it is better to bring our favorite jewel with us or the one that best matches the dress chosen for the event.

In short, it is important to always carefully choose the jewels to take with us in your suitcase.

If you are not sure which piece of jewelry to choose to pack, wear or buy for a gift, take the Pin-Up Jewelry test here!

Happy holiday!

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