Gioielli pinup/rockabilly style e pop art by Pin Up Gioielli

Pop Art Jewels: when art becomes feminine inspiration

Pop Art and Pin Up Style meet with Pin Up Gioielli jewels!

The images of Pin-Up Girls begin to spread in the United States during the First World War. It is President n Woodrow Wilson who founded the Division of Pictorial Publicity , a department that aims to produce eye-catching visual materials, with the aim of convincing men to join the army. The name Pin-Up Girl or “ girl to hang ” comes from the practice of American soldiers of sticking photos of movie stars on the lockers and tents of military camps.

But who are the Pin UP girls?

marilyn monroe

The new female model promoted by the Pin-Up girls is in contrast with the mysterious figures of the " femmes fatales " of the cinema of the 20s and 30s.

The Pin-Ups are “ dolls ” with generous and buttery shapes, they have long legs and abundant curves, they are prosperous and attractive, but they never lose their boyish trait. They are bewitching, mischievous, provocative but never vulgar, often undressed but never naked or in inappropriate poses, so as not to fall into censorship.

They are alluring, sensual, popular. They are designed to be irremediably imprinted in the mind of the beholder as true icons.

The Pin-Ups represent the desire for opulence at a time of severe crisis in American society. Even their soap and water make-up hides an invitation to American women who do not have to give up make-up despite economic constraints.

The Pin-Ups are the symbol of the woman in the consumer society and that is why even the artists of American Pop Art fall in love with them and make them protagonists of the artistic expression of the immediate post-war period.

wharol marilyn monroe pop art

Pop Art , on the other hand, is the movement that was born in the mid-1950s in Great Britain and became very famous in the United States.

It is an art form that reflects post World War consumerism , socio-economic development and women's emancipation .

The artistic products of Pop Art have as their subject the images of everyday life, of rediscovered well-being, of popular culture, of advertising, of the myths of the time, of cinema, of comics, of music, of free expression and of research and experimentation of 'innovation. It represents a colorful and carefree , strong and contrasting world in which the woman (especially the American one) acquires a decisive role within the society and economy so severely compromised by the World War.

Here then is that the image of the Pin Up girl blends and evolves naturally together with Pop Art and extends to all areas of daily life up to furniture, design, clothing and even jewelry and costume jewelery. .

The necklaces, earrings and bracelets are made with colorful and geometric recycled materials, extrapolated from television or magazine advertisements such as plastic or metal bottle caps mass-produced in factories. These materials are processed and transformed into real artistic objects, torn from their everyday and popular use and delivered to art, making them become something totally different.

Over the years, plastic in particular has become the most used recycled material by artists. In the field of handcrafted jewelery, silicone, nylon, and resin have become the most used materials thanks to their ductility and ease of processing.

So here is that Pin Up! Jewels was born from my great passion for color, geometry and respect for nature, from the deep sense of respect for the evolution of women's rights, from the dualism of the uniqueness and exclusivity of art and industrial development.

The Pin UP! Collections Jewels show a colorful world, full of joy that actually hides anxiety and anguish eclipsing behind full and bright colors.

The subjects of my creations are abstract shapes with geometric and fluid lines emphasized by the use of color: resin , tubular mesh ( mesh cord ), rubber , wood and aluminum I know only some of the materials from which I draw inspiration to transform and reproduce modern reality in art.

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