Claudia DeRosa si racconta ai microfoni di Story Time - Radio Italia 5

My first time… at Story Time! Interview in Jessica Guiggiani's radio lounge

The first time is never forgotten: radio interview with the microphones of Radio Italia 5!

Shortly after Christmas, to my great surprise and curiosity, I was contacted by Radio Italia 5 to participate in the radio program Story Time in which various professionals are interviewed.

From the call, a few days pass and the moment of the interview takes place.

I knew that there would also be video shooting, so in the previous days, in addition to thinking about how to concentrate in a few minutes the thousand things I wanted to tell about the work I love, I also had to think about the look in which I could feel comfortable talking everything in the best possible way and in the most spontaneous way possible.

I confess that I opened the wardrobe and tried various combinations, white shirt with jeans and black leather jacket, suit, I also had a half idea of going to buy something new, but then rationality and spontaneity won, I chose the combination of jeans and black blazer to make my creations stand out and black stiletto ankle boot: those who know me know that I could not choose more at ease than this!

I was thinking of preparing a speech. My partner and my friends kept telling me "What are you going to talk about?", "Are you ready?". I thought "ready for what?" And so I decided to leave the subject matter to spontaneity as well.
In short, from a first idea of going super planned and prepared, I opted to simply be myself, so I leave the final judgment to you, I am very satisfied with the result, but above all happy for having had a nice, exciting and unexpected experience .

I thank the Staff of Story Time Firenze, in particular the speaker Jessica Guiggiani , for professionalism, passion and friendliness!

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