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Gioielli personalizzati: trasforma un ricordo in un prezioso gioiello

Pimp My Jewel: personalized jewelry!

Are you tired of always wearing the same necklace, pair of earrings, ring or bracelet? Would you like to renew it, modernize it or modify it? Or do you have a broken jewel that you are fond of and would like to repair it? Repair and renewal are both services I can offer you!

I am willing to bet that you too will have at least once broken a jewel or get tired of always wearing the same costume jewelery item . Fashions change and you would like to rejuvenate or renew your jewel.

And so you find yourself abandoning your broken or excessively worn jewelry in the drawer, forgetting their existence at least until the next "spring cleaning".

So what to do when a necklace, an earring or a bracelet that is broken or, as they say in Tuscany, "we get bored"?

Repair and its various forms

Repair is the choice we all think about first, but the feasibility of this solution is linked to 2 variables that must be kept in mind such as the value of the jewel and which element has suffered the damage.

Is the value the same for everyone? I would say no.

The value of a jewel is often bivalent. On the one hand there is the economic value and on the other the emotional value.

The Jewel Repair Evaluation

When it is necessary to decide whether to proceed with a repair, the monetary value and the cost of the repair are closely related and must have an adequate reason for being.

The emotional value is another matter entirely.

Affections and memories are unrelated to money and, not being measurable, in order not to be separated from it, we are willing to invest large sums of money that do not correspond to the real value of our jewel.

Then to each their own evaluation .

Having made this premise, let's get to the practical aspect that is the type of breakage of our jewel.

When and how a jewel can break

One reason , perhaps the most common , that leads to the breaking of a jewel is the frequent use we make of it .
Often wearing a necklace or bracelet, for example, involves wearing out the thread with which the stones are tied. Rolling, folding, wrapping puts the yarn under stress.

The stones, their holes and their weight play an equally important role in the keeping of a jewel.

The thread of the necklace or bracelet that breaks

The choice of the size and type of wire with which to tie the different parts depends on the weight of the stones, the size of their hole and also on the regularity of the hole cut.
Let's take an example: stones with very small holes require the use of very thin threads which are however more fragile, thus increasing the possibility of failure and therefore of breakage.

As in the case of stones that are not evenly cut and with sharp-edged holes: when they are ringed with cotton or silk threads, their rubbing on the thread material can easily cause them to be cut.

So, whether it is silk thread, metal cord, silver thread, elastic thread or in some cases nylon thread, nothing is forever .

It goes without saying that in these cases the repair of the jewel coincides with the replacement of the wire. Then, with a new threading, you can return your jewel to its original splendor.

Jewels that fall and break under the impact

But what happens if a ring or an earring made with stones accidentally falls on the ground?

Natural stones are more or less hard, but there is no doubt that falling, rubbing or hitting each other can chip, scratch and, in the worst case scenario, break and shatter into several pieces.

In these cases the repair can be very difficult if not impossible and, instead of repairing, the solution could be to replace the damaged stone (where possible).

Damaged pearls

A special chapter then concerns pearls . Gems as beautiful as they are delicate that need light and contact with our skin to stay alive.

Well, often thinking of protecting them we close them in boxes or worse still in the safe but instead of doing their good we sign their sentence. Darkness and low temperatures affect their structure and, in the most serious cases, the necklace becomes dull and devoid of its distinctive fluorescence.

Also in this case, the only possibility we have to restore shine to our jewel is to replace the dead pearls (except when the necklace is so compromised that this path proves to be impracticable).

Various possible ways to repair a broken jewel

In summary, in the event of a jewel breaking, we have two possibilities:

  • A new threading and reassembly of the jewel, or
  • replacement of damaged parts, if possible

Obviously, an evaluation by your trusted goldsmith or craftsman is necessary. The price of the repair will depend on the severity of the fault and the cost of the materials to be used for the renewal of the components, as well as the cost of labor.

It will then be up to you to decide whether the cost of the expense will be worth the company.

But what can be done when a repair is not possible?

As much as we are fond of a jewel, sometimes the damage is not recoverable and giving it up is not easy for us.
Maybe it's an important memory, or it's an object that we like so much that we just don't want to part with it.

Other times it is a jewel that comes from someone else, perhaps a mother or a grandmother. These are those precious family treasures that no longer seem current but we would love to wear them. We do not know what we would like to do with them but we keep them in the drawer waiting to one day have the opportunity to put them back to life and visibility.

Here, for these particular cases, I have a solution that I am very proud of

Renew your jewelry

We live in the era of sustainability and, although talking about jewelry recycling is a bit strange, today more than ever it is very topical.

In fact, the word recycling is not so catchy applied to jewels ... but if we think of it as a transformation, a passage to a new life, this is the best option to save memories and have a new jewel , or rather, renewed.

In the last month, thanks to the lockdowns and the war, we have been forced to review the value and importance of things.

After years of consumerism in which we were buying to hoard, today the way people commit their money has changed. They have changed their priorities and given new importance to the things they own.

When they ask me to renew a jewel

From the point of view of my work, in the month of March I not only carried out several repairs but I had cases of customers arriving with bags of different stones who expressly requested to give a new face to what they had kept in the drawers for years.

These works filled me with enthusiasm: the transformation and renewal of jewels is a challenge every time.

Personally, it seems to me that I am opening a Mystery box in which the basic ingredients are the materials supplied by the customer.
I don't have time counted like in cooking competitions but it is true that, like them, I have the goal of having to create something new and pleasing to my client.

It is not just a question of craftsmanship: I must also be able to interpret the expectation of those who entrust me with their memories and create something that positively surprises the client.

Here I share some works that I have done on behalf of some of my clients:

As you can see, these are 2 different paths but from which new precious items have been reinvented.

Do you also have jewels to repair or renew?

Maybe after this story you recognized yourself and you too want to refresh your jewels but you don't know where to start. If so, come and see me with your precious bag.

I will listen to your wishes and I will try to find the right solution to your desire.

My atelier is located in via G.Vicari in Lugano - Cassarate or if you prefer to make an appointment write me at this address

I am waiting for you!

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