Pin up: chi sono e cosa rappresentano

Pin Up: because my jewelry brand is inspired by the Pin Up style

Is vintage your lifestyle? Then we already have one thing in common! Today I will reveal to you why my brand is inspired by the pin up world.

Today I want to tell you the story of pin ups , the meaning of their image, the impact on society, what it means to be so today but above all why I chose this name for my brand.

The first winking female figures that appeared on the covers of magazines seem to date back to the end of the 19th century. Although they weren't already classic pin ups , they certainly can be considered their ancestors.

Meanwhile, what is the literal meaning of the term? P in up literally means "to hang", because the photos that portrayed these sinuous and winking girls were hung on the walls of the lockers of American soldiers at the front since the First World War and in the post-war years in the driver's cabs of truckers or in the workshops of mechanical. These images were born as a made in USA product and primarily as motivational posters to convince young Americans to join the army and keep their spirits high while they were away from home.

Marilyn Monroe started out just like that and before she was the one we all know, she was a "workshop girl".

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In the collective imagination, the Pin Up represents a winking girl who tends to be prosperous, with a naughty air and vintage colors. If he drinks Coca Cola even better.

But the Pin Up is much more. The Pin Up is a social symbol that represents rebirth after a long war, the desire for new, the desire for frivolity and the desire for lightness. It represents an elegant, sensual and feminine woman, naughty and bewitching but never vulgar.

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I don't know when it started, perhaps always, but my passion for flared skirts has always been there. I've always loved those perfectly red lacquered lips and those retro looking heels, those sexy back seamed tights.

I grew up with Grease, with Danny and Sandy and "tell me everything coconut", with rockabilly , blues and gospel music, with the myth of emancipation, civil rights, freedom made in the USA,

When I fall into the vintage world, I feel good. When I wear those clothes and accessories that take me to another time, I feel like myself. I feel natural because being a Pin Up doesn't mean dressing up, but it means marrying a lifestyle .

Being Pin up means:

  • be elegant and refined.
  • do not flaunt and do not be vulgar.
  • be aware women.

Remember that wearing a polka dot dress will not make you a Pin up. But one thing is certain: the Pin up has no limits of sizes, shapes and ages so everyone can be and this is a great thing!

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What it means to be a Pin up

The figure and symbolism of the Pin up has evolved over time. From woman object to symbol of femininity and timeless elegance. The fixed and rigid canons of female beauty that have always influenced society, as happens today on the catwalks and in the world of fashion, have never represented pin ups and this made them doubly transgressive, because they showed a woman "different from the usual" and aware of its sensual potential, which seemed extremely scandalous at the time (and I continue to find many similarities with what we live today).

A conscious woman is determined and independent. Being able to convey a similar message in an era of great change like the 40s was a little more powerful push towards female emancipation, already underway as many women had started working in factories , replacing men.

After the war, between the end of the 40s and the early 60s, this immense phenomenon born as a motivational and evolved as a commercial one, did not decline as everyone expected. On the wave of fame he was indeed transported to the cinema with films and musicals, and to theaters with a rebirth of burlesque . Some icons of this golden moment for pin ups: Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable, Gypsy Rose Lee, Tempest Storm and later Marilyn Monroe.

Pin ups are divas without stardom. Beautiful but carefree and sometimes a bit clumsy, they live without the burden of always having to be perfect and composed, for me the pin-ups are the representation of feminine simplicity and independence from the judgments of most and for this reason they represent the values ​​I want to convey through my brand, Pin Up Gioielli .

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Pin Up Today

The Pin up of modern times is not a simple vintage enthusiast, she is not a girl who dresses like in the 50s, nor one who listens to Elvis Presley. It is not just a question of style as an image. Of course this completes the work, but it is absolutely not the crucial point. Pin up is a way of being , an innate attitude, a bit of a predisposition.

Meanwhile, a pin up is carefree . Carefree is not synonymous with frivolity, nor does it mean living without ever worrying, but it means looking for the positive side of things whenever possible , and when it is not possible, we do not despair more than necessary.

She is a woman who has found the right balance between childhood and adulthood while maintaining enthusiasm, a smile, the ability to marvel at simple things. A Pin up is a woman who maintains the spontaneity and naturalness of her gestures and appearance, without forgetting that she has grown up.

She is a woman with the right amount of self-esteem and self-respect, in search of emancipation, justice, freedom of speech, expression, choice, sexuality, culture and dignity.

So here is the reason why I decided to call my brand PIN-UP Gioielli.
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And now it's your turn: leave me a comment to tell me yours!

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