summer trends: 5 tendenze estate selezionate per te

Summer trends: here are 5 trends selected for you!

With the heat we want fresh, comfortable and above all "fast" looks but if there is one thing we just can't give up on, it's accessories! Here are 5 bijoux trends selected for you and perfect for summer 2022!

When the summer gets hot and the temperature is scorching, the temptation to leave the house with a dress and flat sandals becomes an absolute necessity: the idea of ​​building more particular looks is light years away!

in this article I want to share with you my personal style philosophy which can be summed up in a simple sentence: "calculated scazzo" or "minimum effort, maximum yield".

There is a detail that we can add even to the simplest outfit to transform it and give it a twist in a quick but super effective way: a precious ally that can guarantee us the formula I just mentioned of the "minimum effort, maximum yield". What is it about? But accessories of course!

In fact, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets represent that detail capable of elevating even the basic outfits and transforming our outfit into pure glamor and all without too much fuss. What are the bijoux trends for summer 2022 ? I want to share at least 5 with you and I'm sure you will find them irresistible!

THREE ND # 1: Let's fun!

First rule of summer: have fun! Color, color and more color. Original and slightly crazy shapes, large irregular resin beads and brilliant color combinations. Perfect for giving that holiday mood to even the most "serious" city looks.

Rockabilly necklace, bracelet, earring, turquoise ring

TREND # 2: Chain, chain, chain

Another great return and which for me is the must have in all the collections I make, is the chain . Whether you are more a lover of gold or silver, bracelets or necklaces, it does not matter because you will find both variants among the many proposals of Pin-Up Gioiell i. I love that slightly rock charm that they emanate especially in the contrast with super romantic and bon ton outfits: seeing is believing!

Rockabilly chain necklace by Pin-Up Gioielli

TRENDS # 3: Bangle bracelet

If you are looking for something even simpler and less demanding then bracelets are always an excellent solution and, unlike chain necklaces and chandelier earrings, they can also be decidedly more discreet. Bracelets are even more versatile and can truly accompany all looks. The must-have of the summer 2022 that I made for Pin-Up Gioielli is the cuff bangle , that is, rigid, open or closed adjustable bracelet and made of gold or silver aluminum with colorful, bright and sparkling crystal applications! Sophisticated and with such an attractive design, they can also be mixed together to increase the "bling-bling" effect.

Rockabilly cuff bangle bracelets by Pin-Up Gioielli

TRENDS # 4: The Lord of the (maxi ) rings

And what about rings? If you already know me and follow the brand, you know that together with chains, my great passion is for rings ! Large handcrafted resin beads wrapped in a whirlwind of chains, curd chains that wrap around each other, sparkling and luminous swarovsky crystals: like the bangle, the maxi rings represent the perfect device to give a precious and sophisticated for every look, day and night!

Rockabilly chain vortex rings by Pin-Up Gioielli

TRENDS # 5: unique in a..clap!

The fifth and last trend of the season that I propose is actually an evolution of the rockabilly collection that allows you great versatility. I'm talking about the CLAP-CLAP collection, the magnet bijoux that are only designed and made by PIN-UP Gioielli: magnet rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings that combined with the magnet claps and decorated with chains, rhinestones and resin beads combine between them giving you the possibility of infinite mix & match! Is there anything cooler than this?

Magnet jewelry by Pin-Up Gioielli

Now it's your turn: are you ready to experience the summer?


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