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Dressed only in my chains: addiction or freedom?

And so I tell myself ..

In recent months, my creative instincts have been strongly drawn to chains. I started working them in aluminum and I fell in love with them for their versatility, lightness and simplicity.
I got so passionate that I started experimenting with different techniques, often I fused them together and other times I also used other materials such as resin and swarovski.

And so today I only dress in chains and I'll explain why.

In heraldry, the chain takes on many different symbolic meanings: dominion over lands and vassals, indicating the absolute dedication of the subjected to the benefit, as it binds those who give and those who receive harmony and fidelity, as it binds men to each other the freedom achieved or freedom surrendered when broken.

The image of the chain is very strong and meaningful. It takes us back in time, to dark episodes of the past where these metal rings imposed conditions of slavery or imprisonment .

The distinctive feature of the chain is its double value. On the one hand it is associated with the idea of loss of freedom, oppression, confinement, limitation and confinement. On the other hand, its hardness and resistance can be linked to the dimension of affects and refer to memories and blood ties or to the idea of unity. These apparent contradictions are not a paradox. On the contrary, the strength of this symbol lies precisely in its flexibility and adaptability .


A whole chain, so strong that it seems to hold the body in a vice, symbolizes a situation of anguish and suffocation, in which one feels enslaved to someone or something. An unsatisfactory job, a wrong relationship, a past mistake: there can be many situations that make us feel chained, almost trapped. Sometimes not only the chain, but also the number of links can take on a symbolic meaning.

But as a dreamer who always looks at life with optimism, always looking for a positive side in every situation, the chain has a completely different meaning for me: union, freedom, responsibility.


Despite this unfortunate first interpretation, there are other decidedly positive variations. As anticipated, chains can also represent the strength of a bond .


Breaking the chains means getting out of oppression and gaining freedom. That awkward weight that had held one's potential prisoner has been lifted. The bad moment is now behind us and all the limits that blocked the enthusiasm of life have been overcome.


The chain can indicate an obligation to be fulfilled. Dedication , honor and participation in a cause are the values underlying the image of the chain.

If you, like me, have a positive meaning in chains, leave a comment or let yourself be enveloped by the ROCKABILLY collection and discover the collection here !

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