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Domestic Violence: My brand of resilience and freedom

How did my brand save me from domestic violence? The courage to say "enough" and create a new beginning, overcome violence to rebuild your life. In this article I'll tell you (part) of my story.

I was a victim of domestic violence for 3 years.
Psychological pressure, economic violence, insults and plots orchestrated to put me in a bad light in the eyes of my partner. Attitudes of conflict and unjustified tension if not because "I am not beautiful enough" to deserve the love of my partner or worse because I am divorced and have two children from a previous relationship.
Of course whenever the reason or cause of any bias has been asked there has never been a clear and consistent reason.
I was unable to protect my children who unfortunately, despite themselves, were involved and suffered this unjustified harassment.
The harassment, the insults and above all the conspiracies degenerated when two years after COVID and the maternity leave of my third daughter I lost my job.
"Failed", "starving", "incapable", "misfit", "bad mother", "supportive" are just some of the insults I received daily for 20 months.
Finding myself without work, with a teenage son and a newborn baby, I did not have the opportunity and above all the economic and emotional strength to face the situation as I should have.
In such a difficult moment, however, at a certain point I found the strength to react, first of all thanks to my teenage son and then when I decided to concentrate on the creation and creation of my brand, PIN UP Gioielli , in order to transform a passion into a work and recover my economic, emotional and psychological autonomy.
It was just when I was about to start believing and giving in to the insults that I had the intuition of Gioielli Calamita ® and the confirmation to myself that I was not the "failure" but I was certainly indulging in the frustrations, dissatisfaction and profound insecurities of others people.
I designed and created the Rockabilly Sacred Heart Ring as a symbol of redemption and denunciation of violence against women.
The Sacred Heart and the chains present in the ring represent my determination to break the chains of abuse and to protect the sacredness of women when violence does not only occur at the hands or mouth of a man but even on women by other women.
Through my Brand , I have been able to transform my personal pain into a larger mission.
I decided to use my artistic talent to raise awareness about domestic violence and to offer support to women who find themselves in similar situations to mine.

Every piece I create is imbued with meaning and hope .

In addition to providing a tangible symbol of solidarity, my brand has given me the opportunity to connect with other women who have faced or are facing domestic violence .
I created a genderfluid brand, a community of strong and resilient women and men who support each other.
Sacred Heart Pin Up Ring Jewelery against violence against women

My brand gave me the voice that was taken from me.

Thanks to my handcrafted jewelry project I was able to transform my pain into a message of hope and resilience for all women struggling against domestic violence .
Through PIN UP Gioielli Calamita , my brand, I am determined to continue fighting for women's rights and to offer them a symbol of strength and freedom.

ebook my chains against violence against women, Pin Up Jewels against violence against women

My Chains: Dependence, Strength and Freedom: My Story

On November 25, 2023, on the International Day against Violence against Women, "My chains: dependence, strength and freedom" will be released in which I was able to express my voice and tell my experience of suffering and rebirth.
I hope with this book that my story can be a stimulus and hope for all those women who suffer psychological and physical harassment and violence every day.
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