Claudia DeRosa, Bijoux Designer

"My chains are my strength and my freedom. Through my bijoux I express my creativity and my art. My creations are sculptures to wear"

Pleased to meet you!

Hello and welcome to the world

Pin-up! Jewels.

After 23 years of organizing private luxury and medical-scientific events, fundraising and sponsorship, I decided to follow and implement a new project that is also a great passion, and that's how Pin-Up Gioielli was born in March 2021.

Bijoux Designer, I make Bijoux Sculptures.

Material, colorful, luminous, light: I create my bijoux inspired by the world of Pin-Up / Rockabilly, Dandy and Pop Art.

I model the resin letting myself be inspired by the colors and shapes of nature. The result? Sculptures to wear and fall in love with.

Where can you buy?

I like to establish a special relationship with those who love the small sculptures I create. The Boutiques and Concept Stores that support my project by allowing me to exhibit my bijoux are realities close to me, with my same values ​​and inspirations.

Let's get to know each other better!

I am interested in everything related to art and creativity. I chose jewels as a field of my artistic experimentation because I like to think that these small artistic works can give that touch of elegance that enhances uniqueness and extravagance.

When I create a bijoux or an accessory, my intent is to innovate without neglecting style.

In the desire to explore new expressive frontiers, I reinterpreted classic and exclusively feminine jewels in a modern key and through the use of unconventional materials, combining and developing geometric designs. Aluminum and steel wire and chains, epoxy resin, magnets: each piece of my collections is unique and combines style, research, tradition and innovation.

Research, enhancement of the different applications of use of uncommon materials, the experimentation of new techniques, the study of shapes, the love for simple but extravagant elegance through the reinterpretation of geometric shapes: these aspects combined with the right amount of creativity describe the artistic and artisan approach of the "PIN-UP! Gioielli" brand.

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Geometric bijoux with style!

The whole class of Pin-Up! Jewelery applied to the geometry of the peer shapes create accessories that pay homage to the most creative and elegant art. Creations with a minimal, simple and clean design. Unique accessories that enhance even the most classic and casual outfit.

Art sculptures to wear with personality!

This summarizes the essence of my creations: precious works of art to be worn that are inspired by timeless dandy elegance, the rockabilly-pinup style of the 50s and the colors of popart.

Customizable art sculptures in infinite mix & match combinations to make every woman free to wear her own accessory, supporting and emphasizing her own personal style.

Why should you choose and fall in love with a Pin-Up Jewelry creation?

The choice of a PIN-UP Gioielli jewel does not follow an aesthetic taste but rather the personal desire to express the most intimate shades of each woman.

A contemporary retro style in which the attention to craftsmanship and attention to detail give life to eclectic and versatile creations. Unusual combinations of apparently contrasting materials such as steel and resin, glass and Swarovski crystals, magnets and breast milk: elegance, style and personality come together in perfect harmony giving you unique and personal sculptures to wear!

The charm of retro and the minimalism of modern times make PIN-UP Gioielli creations a tribute to women of all ages, celebrating their beauty in terms of charm and personality: design works in constant motion to enhance the feminine cosmos because the beauty and the wonder we see in a jewel are actually within us.