Our "Why?"

PIN-UP Gioielli is not simply a brand of handcrafted costume jewelery but contains many values and meanings we believe in and of which we want to be a spokesperson.

Rings, necklaces, earrings bracelets rockabilly style florence. Claudia DeRosa, owner and brand designer

PIN-UP Jewels is Emancipation , that gift you give to yourself, because you have decided to love yourself, to love yourself, to pamper yourself and simply because you deserve it.

PIN-UP Gioielli is Identity , that detail that makes you unique and that perfectly matches the version of you that you want to be in that precise moment and in that precise moment of your life.

PIN-UP Jewels is a souvenir that accompanies the important moments of your life but also of many small everyday life.

PIN-UP Gioielli is Value , more symbolic than material, because it represents you, why you chose it and because it was made as a unique piece just for you, the canvas of a precious work of art to wear!