It is not just a simple brand of artisanal costume jewellery, PIN-UP Gioielli represents much more. Claudia DeRosa, creative mind and brand designer, has created a line of rockabilly style rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets in Florence, which contain important values.

  • Versatility

    PIN UP Gioielli creations are versatile because they can be worn on multiple occasions, adapting to different styles and outfits. But not only that: Calamita ® Jewels are modular and transformable thanks to the Magnet Claps: clip earrings become elegant shoe jewels or scarf pins, bright points of light for your turtleneck. The 3 moves you can create different combinations every time and infinite mix and match.

  • Craftsmanship

    PIN UP Gioielli jewels are unique pieces made by hand and therefore totally artisanal. Each creation brings with it the history and passion of the craftsman who created it.

  • Genderfluid

    The PIN UP Gioielli creations are inspired by the retro Rockabilly style but do not have a defined gender, they can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender. Genderfluid jewellery, just like PIN UP Gioielli creations, often features geometric and minimalist shapes, which make them perfect for a modern and contemporary look.

  • Eco-sustainability

    Environmental sustainability is a very important theme for our Brand. The materials are carefully selected, recycled and come from certified sources. The glue used is a special epoxy bioresin created by our designer and the packaging chosen is eco-friendly.


Upcoming Exhibitions

Spazio Margutta a Roma ospita trunk show di Pin Up Gioielli

Spazio Margutta hosts PIN UP Gioielli

Friday 13 and Saturday 14 October 2023 PIN UP Gioielli will once again be a guest of Spazio Margutta, Via Margutta 86, Rome to present the latest products from Calamita Jewels.