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Gold Magnet Ring

Gold Magnet Ring

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Are you looking for a personalized and versatile jewel? The Gold Magnet Ring is the solution for you! Thanks to its hypoallergenic and nickel free aluminum base, this adjustable ring is perfect for any occasion.

How does it work?

The Gold Magnet Ring allows you to create your own personalized jewel thanks to the magnetic claps. Choose the magnetic clap you prefer, attach it to the ring and you're done! In a few seconds you will have created a new jewel to wear.

Maximum versatility

Calamita ® Jewels offer you maximum versatility: you can compose and transform your ring in three simple gestures. Choose the magnetic clap, hook it to the ring and unhook it when you want to change your look. In this way your Magnet Ring ® will always be different!

Just one ring, infinite ways to wear it

The Magnet Gold Ring offers you the possibility of creating a unique jewel. Its width of 20 mm and its shape adaptable to any finger make it perfect for any type of hand. Choose the base, choose the claps and have fun creating your personalized ring every day!

Safe and durable

Thanks to the patented tightening mechanism, the attachment of the magnetic clap is safe and resistant. You won't have to worry about losing your jewel during the day, you can wear it with peace of mind. Furthermore, the Gold Magnet Ring is made with high quality materials to guarantee durability over time.

Perfect as a gift

The Gold Magnet Ring is also perfect as a gift for the people you love. Thanks to its versatility, it will be appreciated by anyone who receives it. Choose the base and magnetic claps that best suit the person you want to surprise and let the Magnet ® Jewel do the rest!

In summary

The Magnet Gold Ring is a personalized and versatile jewel. Thanks to the magnetic claps you can create your own ring whenever you want to change your look. The 20 mm width and adaptable shape make it perfect for every type of hand. The patented clamping mechanism ensures secure attachment of the magnetic clap. The Gold Magnet Ring is also perfect as a gift for the people you love.

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