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Rockabilly Sacred Heart Gold Ring

Rockabilly Sacred Heart Gold Ring

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PIN UP Gioielli supports women victims of domestic violence through the Rockabilly Sacred Heart Ring

The Rockabilly Sacred Heart Gold Ring is a unique piece from the Rockabilly collection. This jewel was created with the intention of supporting women who are victims of domestic violence , promoting awareness and offering them support.

Handcrafted, this adjustable statement ring has dimensions of 40x25 mm, making it an elegant and exclusive accessory. The design recalls the rockabilly style, characterized by a combination of retro elements and boldness .

The ring is made of a sacred heart in darkened gold-colored aluminum for a vintage effect. This symbol represents love, compassion and devotion, powerful messages that are intertwined with the broader meaning of the ring itself.

The Heart is wrapped in a vortex of gold-plated aluminum ball chain. This detail adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design of the ring, creating an interesting contrast between the golden heart and the ball chain.

The Rockabilly Sacred Heart Gold Ring is not only an aesthetically appealing jewel, but also a symbol of support and solidarity towards women who suffer physical and psychological domestic violence.

By wearing this ring you can express your commitment to fighting this form of violence and offer support to the victims.

The Rockabilly collection by PIN UP Gioielli stands out for its originality and social significance. Each piece is made with artisanal care to guarantee quality and elegance. The Rockabilly Sacred Heart Gold Ring is no exception, with its detailed workmanship and attention to detail.

In addition to its external appearance, this ring carries with it an important message. The sacred heart represents unconditional love and compassion, values ​​that are fundamental in supporting women facing situations of domestic violence.

By purchasing the Rockabilly Sacred Heart Gold Ring, you directly contribute to supporting women victims of domestic violence. PIN UP Gioielli donates a portion of the proceeds obtained from each sale of this ring to organizations and associations that work to combat and prevent domestic violence.

Wearing this ring means wearing a symbol of hope and solidarity, showing your commitment to the fight against domestic violence. You can be an agent of change by raising awareness of this issue and encouraging them to do their part.

Your purchase not only allows you to own a unique and visually striking jewel, but also allows you to contribute to an important cause. Every time you wear the Gold Rockabilly Sacred Heart Ring, remember its meaning and your power to make a difference in the lives of women who are victims of domestic violence.

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