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Clap Magnet White Pearl

Clap Magnet White Pearl

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Clal Magnetic White Pearl to compose and personalize your magnet jewel!

The Clap Magnet White Pearl is the perfect solution to personalize your magnet jewellery. This handcrafted product was made with a magnetic anti-release tightening system, which guarantees total adherence to the base of the chosen magnet jewel.

The White Pearl magnetic clap was handcrafted with care and attention to detail. Its steel ball chain vortex structure, together with the handcrafted central white resin pearl, gives the product an elegant appearance that will surely capture the attention of anyone who sees it.

Dimensions and technical characteristics

The size of the magnetic clap is 18x18mm, which makes it suitable for any type of magnet jewellery. Thanks to its steel ball chain vortex structure, the magnetic clap is resistant and long-lasting.

Furthermore, the handcrafted central white resin pearl gives the magnetic clap a touch of elegance and refinement that is difficult to find in other similar products on the market.

Easy to use

The Clap Magnet White Pearl is very easy to use. Simply attach it to the base of your favorite magnet jewel and you can immediately start customizing it as you see fit.

Furthermore, thanks to the magnetic anti-release tightening system, you will not have to worry about losing the magnetic clap while using your magnet jewellery. The total adhesion guaranteed by the magnetic clap will allow you to wear your jewel without any fear of losing or damaging it.


The White Pearl Magnet Clap package contains only one magnetic clap. However, you can purchase larger quantities to personalize all your favorite magnet jewelry.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an elegant and resistant alternative to personalize your magnet jewellery, the Clap Magnet White Pearl is definitely the product for you. Thanks to its artisanal structure in a vortex of steel ball chain and the central handcrafted white resin pearl, this magnetic clap will be able to give a touch of elegance and refinement to your magnet jewellery.

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