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Magnet Clip Earrings

Magnet Clip Earrings

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Are you looking for unique and personalized earrings? Then you can't miss the Calamita® Jewelry collection by PIN UP Gioielli!

Magnet Clip Earrings are the perfect solution for creating and composing your earrings as you wish. These very light silver-coloured clip earrings with silicone cushion, made of magnet, allow you to apply magnetic claps and create your own personalized jewel.

With Calamita ® Jewels you can finally stop saying "I have no earrings to wear!" because you will always have the possibility to create, compose and transform your jewel or accessory into what you want!

These magnet earrings have a diameter of 20mm and are hypoallergenic and nickel free, therefore suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Made of steel with ball chain decoration, they are elegant and refined in their simplicity.

Innovative and versatile

But what makes Magnet Clip Earrings so special? The answer is simple: their versatility! By attaching the clip to shoelaces, sneakers or ankle boots or to pumps and sandals, the magnet earrings are transformed into precious and cute Scarpa jewels.

Imagine having a pair of earrings that can also become a brooch, a hair clip or even a bag accessory! With Calamita ® Jewels all this is possible.

Furthermore, thanks to the magnetic clamping mechanism, you can easily attach the Magnetic Claps and create a different and original jewel every time.

A perfect gift

The Magnet Clip Earrings are also an excellent gift idea for the people you love. Thanks to their versatility, they will be appreciated by those who love playing with accessories and experimenting with new looks.

Furthermore, their elegance makes them suitable even for the most important occasions, such as weddings, gala dinners or special evenings.

In summary

If you are looking for unique and personalized earrings, Magnet Clip Earrings are the ideal solution for you. Versatile, innovative and elegant, they allow you to create your personalized jewel in just a few simple steps.

Don't miss the opportunity to always have a different and original jewel to wear: choose the Magnet Clip Earrings from the Calamita® Jewelery collection by PIN UP Gioielli!

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